Japan and supplement

Japan and supplement

I think that I introduced Japan and a supplement.


When a supplement has begun to attract attention as now in Japan, is it not these past 2-3 years?


There was supplement in itself from old days, but many supplements think that the recognition was not so high in Japan partly because they think that the popularity and the attention were not considered to be it as now and did not get a supplement when they do not pay a high amount of money.


However, the supplement seemed to be popular abroad saying that I could take it in easily from old days.


A supplement becomes popular in Japan, and the kind became abundant in these past several years, and a supplement for one month is subdivided and has come to be sold for low price, and the supplement thinks that it is for a boom in Japan.


I could purchase the Japanese supplement in a convenience store or a drugstore easily, but became able to purchase the overseas supplement easily if I used the Internet.


However, I think that you must warn him because there is the supplement of the type that the effect and ingredient are not demonstrated in the overseas supplement in Japan.


Because there seem to be the cases to get out of shape as for the supplement which I purchased with a supplement pro-beauty system in particular and diet from the foreign countries except Japan, let's warn you.